A U.S. Airline had been only known as the top ten on earth (Seriously)

Absurdly Driven discusses the world of business with a skeptical eye and a securely rooted tongue in cheek. Your best is probably not just like mine. My most readily useful involves such charming notions as legroom, scent and whether there’s a rude, crude stranger sitting after that …
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Certified: Airline had been warned airplane hardly had enough gasoline for trip to Medellin

RIO NEGRO, Colombia – Colombia began repatriating the victims of this week’s tragic atmosphere crash into the Andes as Bolivia’s president called for “drastic steps” against aviation officials who signed off on a trip plan that experts and even one of …
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This airline passenger’s pro-Trump rant had been caught on movie. Now he’s banned from Delta.

The movie, shot aboard a Delta trip earlier this month, reveals a man in a baseball limit standing inside aisle of a plane. “We got some Hillary b—— on right here?” the man shouts. “Come on, baby!” he goes on. “Trump! That’s just what I’m speaking about.
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